Sunday, 8 July 2012

Still at Saxilby

In a comment on yesterdays post, Christine from Richlow's Guides confirmed what I'd been told by the barman in the Sun Inn (canalside, three local beers, traditional pub, almost deserted on Saturday night!) that the excess water and weed here at Saxilby has come from the River Till, which flows into the Fossdyke a mile below the village. The level fell slowly overnight and has continued to do so throughout the day to the point where everyone can now put away their gangplanks.

Local roads here are ideal for cycling - quiet and scenic - so I thought I'd go and have a look. One of the things I like about this part of the world are the odd place names (Pyewipe and Dogdyke are still to come) but they don't come much odder than, well, "Odder", which is where the Till enters the Fossdyke. It's little more than a name on the map however, so after a quick look at the now benignly-flowing Till I set through the lanes for Torksey, disturbing a fox as I went along.
Village road sign at Torksey Lock
When Starcross came through here on Thursday the arm from the main river to the lock ran between high banks. Since then, Friday's rain up-country has made its way down the river and a boater on the lock approach would now have a view over the surrounding countryside (or at least of Cottam Power Station).

Not that there are any boats, as the flood gates at Torksey have been closed and the lock is impassable. Seeing the speed of the flow on the main river and the debris being carried down I don't think anyone in their right mind would attempt to navigate the Trent anyway.

On Thursday I put Bernard ashore at this landing to go and alert the lock-keeper to our presence. Today the river is up so much that the gangway leads down to the bank and disappears under water before it reaches it!  
It's a good job we came through when we did.


Christine at said...

Hi Jim, thanks for the link, much appreciated. We publish the Richlow guides to encourage visitors to the waterways of our region - got fed up with others being incorrect.
On a wet evening you might like to look at the "Images of..." series on And perhaps my personal blog They both help to understand this very different region.
I enjoy your blog, and the way you get away from the boat to give a wider view.

Captain Ahab said...

Jim - are you having trouble with text visibility and having to add a background to make it visible? I sometimes have the same problem but its inconsistent apart from then I import text and then kit happens all the time.
The Avon and Severn and also raging torrents at the mo.

Jim said...

Christine, Thanks for your kind comments on the blog. I've had a look at your "Images of..." and I'd certainly like to have a closer look, but when will I ever find a wet evening!

If your referring to the bits of text that come out with a different background to all the rest then I don't know how this happens except it seems to be something to do with proximity to images. Sometimes I can get ride of it, sometimes I can't be bothered!
What a year to pick a river-based trip!