Wednesday, 25 July 2012

New York. So Good They Named it Once

On a cycle ride from the boat at Tattershall Bridge I got as far as New York.
That's New York "Village" then - not "City"

The signpost is more-or-less all there is to the village, which otherwise consists of a long, straight road, a chapel, a closed-down shop and a few houses.

It's also not far from Boston, which means there are opportunities to take photos of signposts which show the two places to be an unlikely distance apart. 

I chose this one, mainly because it also shows the way to the marvellously-named "Dogdyke"


Halfie said...

Has the grass grown a lot or is it a stumpy signpost?

Jim said...

Just a trick of the lens I think. I have another version which i didn't use that shows it is a standard height sign.

Christine at said...

Your post "Pint with the Dambusters" seems to have disappeared. Yesterday it was there as a snippet on my updates blog, but clicking on it found nothing. A google search found it, but clicking on that opened your site with "the post does not exist". I was looking forward to reading what you thought of Woodhall Spa. Any chance you can retrieve it? Can anybody else see it?

Anonymous said...

Christine, I published it before I meant to and it will appear tomorrow. The blog is not in real time at the moment as I wished to disguise the fact that Starcross had been left unattended in Lincoln. I'm back on board now!