Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Through the Grand Sluice and Out to Sea!

No, not me, obviously! (You didn't really think so, did you?) but others do. For most boats the Grand Sluice marks the end of the Witham Navigation, but there is a lock that marks the beginning of the tidal section of the river leading down to the Port of Boston and the open sea. Passing the lock-keeper's office Grand Sluice Visitor Centre I noticed that the "Boston Belle" was booked to pass through the lock on Sunday afternoon on a private charter. The chance to see the lock in action was too good to miss. The Boston Belle was waiting above the sluice, but first there were a couple of motor yachts to get through, followed by a boat coming in off the tideway, making an unusually busy scene on the river.

Although larger boats can presumably pass the lock when the tide makes a level at any other time it's a tight squeeze for the Boston Belle:

It took only a few minutes to pen through and then the Boston Belle was away and down towards the sea.

What a shame it was a charter rather than a public trip. I'd have definitely been on board!  Once the Belle was clear of the lock the flood gates were closed against the incoming tide and the lock returned to it's normal slumber. 


Captain Ahab said...

There was me thinking you had gone to visit the south forty foot drain!

Christine at www.richlow.co.uk said...

Narrowboats do go through the Grand Sluice Lock, down the Haven, and into the Black Sluice Navigation, which will be extended to form a link to other Lincolnshire waterways.
I assume Nicholsons have not included this extension to the network!

Christine at www.richlow.co.uk said...

Forgot to say, if you want to see pictures of narrowboats below Grand Sluice lock, there are some on our Updates blog www.richlowinfo.blogspot.co.uk in the post Images of - Lincolnshire Waterways.

Lily Holmes said...

It sure does look like a lot of fun. Chartering a boat with a dozen other people. I guess that must make it expensive if you all have to make the trip.