Thursday, 27 September 2012

No Direction Home

After five months on the water, 422  miles and 268 locks Starcross' journey has come to a sudden, albeit temporary, end. Rumours began to circulate yesterday amongst boaters on Heartbreak Hill (the series of locks that drops the Trent & Mersey Canal from its summit at Harecastle towards the Cheshire Plain). An email alert from BW  CRT confirmed it:  The Trent & Mersey Canal has been closed between Middlewich and just south of Preston Brook. 
We were met at Wheelock this morning by one of the bank staff handing out fliers with more information. The canal has suffered a breach at Dutton Hollow leaving boats stranded in the dry section and there are serious concerns about the embankment at Croxton Flash.  Starcross' problem is that from next Monday I am due to arrive at my new mooring at Uplands Basin, which lies between these two points!  I suppose I could use it as an excuse to extend my trip: the Shroppie? Ellesmere Port? Llangollen?, but I have other things to do: a wedding to attend at the other end of the country and a sick friend who needs a bit of looking after.
I've spoken to the local CRT office, who seem happy that I can stay where I am for the time being and it's not a bad spot: all facilities within easy reach and a good bus service to get me to and fro for what could be several weeks. Oh well, I wanted a new mooring; I just didn't expect it to be here!


Halfie said...

You threw me there for a moment - I thought I'd somehow got Ray's No Direction blog!

No Direction said...

You could always come to Kings Bromley Marina, there's an empty berth next to us.

Mark Doran said...

I'm home safe and well Jim. The bus fare was just 10p less than your estimate! Thanks for another enjoyable trip. Mark