Monday, 24 September 2012

Not Much Moving

Nev on Waterlily commented on how quiet things are on the Trent & Mersey at Stone. Well, they've been even quieter at the end of the Leek branch. Mind you, the weather hasn't exactly helped: it rained all yesterday afternoon, all last night and was still raining when my crew member for the next few days arrived this morning.

Mark had come from Oxford by train and bus and has asked me to point out that he'd planned to get to Leek for 12.00 and had actually arrived at 11.57. How many car drivers could time an unfamiliar journey so exactly?  We sat around talking for a while to see if the rain would ease, but if anything it got worse. Left to my own devices I'd probably have opted for another day at Leek, but when you have visitors to entertain needs must and eventually we set off for Stockton Brook.

Having seen an average of one boat a day whilst at Leek it was only to be expected that the only moving boat we would see today was in front of us as we descended Stockton Brook locks and yes, the rain eased off as soon as we tied up!

Mark prepares the top lock at Stockton Brook whilst I shelter under the bridge!

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Ian and Karen said...

The rain hasn't stopped the boaters on the Llangollen. Whilst we kept busy inside til the rain stopped, boats were passing all the while. Almost all hirers with a schedule to keep. Poor things!