Friday, 7 September 2012

Overheating, again.

Not yesterday's bus, nor Starcross' engine . . just me!

I don't list the Trent & Mersey Canal south of Burton upon Trent amongst my favourite waterways. The countryside is uninspiring, there's nothing of particular architectural or other interest and much of the way is blighted by the A38 surrogate motorway that runs alongside. And whereas most boaters would have been relishing the hot sunny weather, my heart medication has the unfortunate side-effect of making me super-sensitive to UV light. So it was on with the sun cream, on with the sun-hat and the dark glasses before pulling away from Shobnall this morning.  The cut was the busiest I've seen it for a while and there were queues for Branston and Tatenhill locks so in best F1 style I decided on a "pit stop" to get me out of the "traffic", although the only place I could find without having to knock mooring pins in, which is a pain when you are on your own, was alongside the aforementioned A38.

I still found myself behind another boat at Barton lock, although I didn't have to queue and I was relieved to get through Wychnor and away from the roar of the road and on to the peace and quiet of the short river section through the water meadows to Alrewas.  There was a spot on the visitor moorings above the lock and despite the fact it wasn't yet four o' clock I decided I'd gone far enough and tied up.
Alrewas lock from the river.


No Direction said...

Alrewas is a nice little place, 3 or 4 pubs, chip shop, news agent, co op, post office, dentist, doctors, and a dog that bites cyclists legs.

Jim said...

Ray, Down to 2 pubs now but more dogs than Battersea.

Keron@ thames narrowboat hire said...

It's a lovely place to enjoy the narrowboat. I loved the above pictures.