Thursday, 25 October 2012

Perfect Autumn Day

Last Saturday really was a lovely Autumn day.  Misty morning, followed by a warm (but not too warm), morning and afternoon with just enough sun to show off the colours of the autumn leaves on the towpath trees to perfection.
Sunshine left Stoke Bruerne just after eight o' clock and by the time we emerged from the far end of Blisworth tunnel the mist had cleared and the sun had broken through. We were puzzled though as we neared the exit by a number of bright flashes in  the distance. They turned out to have been coming from the crew of an approaching boat taking photos of the tunnel from outside.

We stopped at Stowe Hill Wharf to visit some friends of my hosts on their boat there. It says a lot about me that I can't remember their names, but their boat was called Second Star on the Right (the reference is from Peter Pan, apparently). I do remember that we were treated to some excellent home-baked scones though!
Sunshine at Stowe Hill wharf
We eventually dragged ourselves away just after four. Norton Junction, where the Grand Union main line to Birmingham and the "Leicester Section" diverge was our target for the night, but it was already obvious we'd be struggling to get there before dark. We ran out of daylight about two-thirds of the way up Buckby locks and eventually tied-up below the top lock after a local boater advised us we'd have a quieter night there than at the junction itself. He also advised us that the pub - the New Inn - had closed down, so no chance to improve on last night's beer situation either!


No Direction said...

One local told us that the landlord of the New Inn allegedly made a mistake with the VAT returns. Another said that his wife had left and she did the cooking.

Jim said...

There are many reasons why a pub can suddenly close but one factor is surely the excessive rise in beer taxation (up 40% in four years and due to continue rising at 2% above inflation) and the consequent increase in the price of a pint. Pubs have to offer a lot to justify the
+£3 pint.