Monday, 3 December 2012

Getting Away

Starcross has been delayed at Wheelock for two months following the near-collapse and subsequent closure for repair of  the Trent & Mersey embankment at Croxton, near Middlewich. With the canal now open again we intended to take her to her new home at Uplands Basin one day early this week, until I realised that with the short days and the travelling time from home it would actually take at least a day-and-half if we were to arrive in daylight.

We'd already arranged to spend Sunday morning on a tree-planting project at Williamson Park in Lancaster - a fine municipal park set high above the city with superb views over Morecambe Bay (do visit if your ever up this way!). The planting was mainly hedgerow species to improve wildlife habitat, but did include a small number of oaks, one of which I was able to plant in memory of Dad.  Then it was into the car and off down the motorway to get to the boat in time to make some progress northwards.

Wheelock is a handy place to load a boat - you can get a car right on to the wharf, so we were soon away and with over an hour of daylight available made it as far as Crow's Nest lock, which is the last stopping place before the main road comes alongside and follows the canal to Middlewich. It was good to be boating again - Starcross hasn't moved since September - and perfect therapy for my recent bereavement.


Anonymous said...
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Sue said...


I was so sorry to hear that you lost your Dad. I know how you are feeling and am thinking of you. Bit late with my comment as I need to catch up with the blogs.. Keep boating it will help a bit. xx