Monday, 31 December 2012

Thirty-two Years Ago In Brewood

No, not a canal in sight, but the strapline of this blog is “Canals, Buses and Beer” so it’s allowed. If you know the place you may think nothing much has changed in the centre of Brewood since 1981. But the Swan Hotel is now a free house, with a wide range of beer – then it was owned by M&B and would have sold “Brew XI” (“Brewed for the Men of the Midlands”) and the more palatable M&B Mild.There is still an 878 bus service to Brewood, but the Green Bus Service was taken off the road last year due to its poor maintenance record, and the bus stop outside the Swan is no longer a terminus. The stop itself however remains located right on top of the junction and it’s probably only because it’s not marked on the road in any way that Staffordshire’s highway engineers haven’t spotted it and had it moved to somewhere less convenient!

Brewood Bus Terminus 1981
Brewood Bus Terminus 1981  (c) David Carter

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