Thursday, 31 January 2013

Meanwhile, Back at the Boat

With Starcross now having light and heat again and with my return train ticket about to run out I thought it was time for another visit.
I got the train to Warrington, buying a return that will be valid for a month (I'll reuse the one I've already got to get home) and then the "Corporation" bus (as I like to think of it) to Anderton.
I paid Dave for the new batteries and isolator switch (very reasonable, I thought) but abandoned any plans for taking Starcross out as the wind was so strong (waves on the surface in the marina) that I wasn't sure I'd even manage the manoeuvring to get off the jetty!
So I had a quiet afternoon aboard, went out for a walk around Anderton and then went to check the food, beer and ambience in the Stanley Arms, all of which were satisfactory!


Andy said...

Hope to meet you in the Marina, I'm just in the process of buying NB Diligence and taking on her mooring at Uplands.

Might have to try the Stanley Arms, I don't know the area at all!



Anonymous said...

Andy, I'll look out for you. Please introduce yourself if you see me on Starcross. Hope the purchase goes through OK.