Sunday, 10 February 2013

Doing a Ton

Some time today the hit counter on the blog reached 100,000 (I missed seeing it by 2). But that isn't the full story. There have been several iterations of "Narrowboat Starcross" and the current counter has been running only since June 2008, when I restarted blogging after a short pause.

The first "Narrowboat Starcross" began in May 2006, and was mainly a factual record of trips. I also back-posted from my paper log all the way back to November 2004, when I bought the boat. These early postings now form the basis of the "Day-by-Day" pages that are listed on the sidebar. At the time, the start of a new blog was still thought worthy of a mention by Granny Buttons - and here is what Andrew said about the blog in August of that year.  Here also is the very first page of the very first "Narrowboat Starcross" blog.
The very first page of the first Narrowboat Starcross

At that time I was using "Sqaurespace" an American, paid-for programme that I chose because for reasons that seem unfathomable to me now I found Blogger rather difficult to use. (!)
I abandoned Sqaurespace - or rather it abandoned me - when it chose no longer to support IE6, which was the browser in use on both Hilary's home PC and the office PC, both of which I had to use to blog as I didn't have my own at the time.  I suppose I might have talked Hil into upgrading to the latest version of IE but there was certainly no chance the IT department at work would contemplate it just for me!

So after four-and-ta-half years of recorded blogging I've reached 100,000 hits. Thank you one and all for your continued interest, but does anyone know why "100" is known colloquially as a  "ton"?

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Captain Ahab said...

As noteworth as reaching 100,000 in the car!