Friday, 22 March 2013


It seems ages since I last took Starcross out of the marina, or even visited her there. In fact it's well over a month, probably the longest period she's been left unattended since I bought her - ironic as one reason for moving her to Uplands Basin was to be nearer home.

For a start, she's well overdue to be taken out of Winter-Mode: bedding taken back, water tank re-filled, (arrangements made to repair burst pipes), as well as a general re-fettling and a ritual polishing-of-the brasses.  I was particularly keen to get this done before next week's hire-boat trip on the Union Canal and today was going to be the day!

But with blizzards reported on the M6 at Lancaster and reports of fog and more snow further south we made a decision this morning to call it off - probably justified as it hasn't stopped snowing all day.

But with more of the same forecast for tomorrow and only a few days left before the Scottish trip I'm just wondering when am I going to see my boat again!

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