Friday, 26 April 2013

A Milestone, Some Ducklings and More Fender Fumbling

Near the top of the Red Bull flight, just before Kidsgrove, I clocked-up 4,000 miles aboard Starcross. That's not much by some people's standards, especially in eight years, but for most of that time I was only a weekend and holiday boater so I think it's worth noting, at least.

Also on the Red Bull flight I saw my first baby ducklings of 2013 - almost a month later than last year!
I can see nine in the photo and there were at least two just out of shot. Inevitably most of them will not survive and some will have very short lives indeed.

Red Bull flight was full of incident today. In one lock we noticed that our amateur fender fixing had come awry and some remedial work was necessary, again using the top gate as a work-platform. Our second attempt was rather more successful than the first and the whole thing looks a little less like a lash-up. It's still not perfect, but I think I can see a way to make it so.

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