Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Getting Ready

Starcross has been rather neglected recently. Usually by now we have had at least one week away as well as a few weekends. But not this year.
However with plans being made for the Spring and Summer I've decided to have a much needed re-fettling session.
So yesterday I got the train to Warrington and the 46 bus to Anderton (saving £3 with the bus Pass)
Both sides of the boat got a wash and one side a polish. Fortunately the polish ran out at this point.
I re-attached the loose bow fender (although it will still need replacing) and re-packed the join where the flue pipe meets the stove top as it had been working loose.
I cleaned off some marks on the carpet, with surprisingly good results using only Ecover Multi Purpose cleaner, and had a general clean and tidy-up.
More jobs today!

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