Friday, 5 April 2013

Oh!, I've been here before.

With the exception of its several aqueducts, which are best appreciated from off the boat, it could be said that all the excitement on the Edinburgh & Glasgow Union Canal (to give it its full name) comes at either end.
The Falkirk Wheel and its associated staircase lock and tunnel at the start and, at the Edinburgh end, this rather fine lift bridge.
Leamington Lift Bridge 2013

Leamington Lift Bridge was built in 1895 and allowed traction engines and other heavy road machinery to cross the cut. It was originally sited further along the canal on a section that is now closed and has disappeared and was moved to its current location in 1933.
It was restored and re-opened in 2005 as part of the restoration of the Edinburgh & Glasgow Union from Falkirk but only gives access to the final 200 metres leading to the new terminus of the canal at what is inevitably titled "Edinburgh Quays"  As with all movable structures on the Scottish Canals it is operated for boaters by bank staff, which takes a little of the fun out of it, but it was one of the highlights of our short trip, particularly as we got to do it twice.

Co-incidentally, yesterday, as part of my continuing everlasting project to digitise my old 35mm transparencies I came across a misfiled slide of the Lift that I'd taken in April 1977!
Leamington Lift Bridge 1977
In its pre-restoration state it is typical of so much of the canal network in the 60s and 70s in a state of gentle decay and  "faded glory" that attracted so many of us to the waterways in those days.  Not that it made much of an impression on me - I had completely forgotten I'd ever been there and even now have no memories of taking this shot. It makes me wonder how much of my time with Starcross I'll remember when I'm in my dotage.

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Halfie said...

Perhaps it's a good job, then, that you have this blog to remind you of what you did back in the 2010s ... unless there's some mega server disaster and all this is wiped!