Monday, 29 April 2013

Someone was in a Hurry at Marple!

I came back to the boat this afternoon to find Starcross sitting almost a foot away from the bank, which wasn't at all how she'd been left. Fortunately she was still attached - but only just at the back end where the piling hook was hanging on to the lip of the piling by the skin of its teeth!  I'd used a chain at the front but here such had been the force exerted on the line that the fairlead on the bow had been pulled clean off, the fixing screws having sheared!
I was tied up at the end of a line of boats, on the visitor moorings, near a bend and a boat length or two away from a narrows - a place where I - and most other boaters - would have been going at no more than "tickover".  Oh well, I hope they got to wherever they had to be on time and I didn't let it distract me from enjoying Marple. Here are a few shots I'd taken on my walk:
Milestone zero at Marple These tombstone-like milestones are a feature of the Macclesfield Canal
The Macclesfield Canal has some of the most appealing bridges on the waterways 
Where else do you see lockgates suddenly appearing as you drive along?

The Peak Forest Canal from Marple Ridge. Shame about the burned-out boat.

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