Tuesday, 28 May 2013

More Visitors and Even More Spectators

Car shuffling has been a feature of the last few days. I had to collect it from Stanley Ferry and fetch it to Leeds (surprisingly easy, I got to a random bus stop near Clarence Dock and found there was a through bus due in 5 mins). Then Hil had to go and collect her parents in it for yesterday's visit and of course take them home again. And today started with yet another shuffle with Hil driving to Bingley to meet our next visitors, Hugh and Jeanette and leave a car there before taking theirs to meet the boat at Shipley.
The Canal & River Trust was out in force recruiting at Saltaire, but the cut was very quiet as far as boats were concerned. In fact, according to the 'keeper not a single boat passed through Bingley 5-rise on Saturday!
We were the only boat going up but still attracted a huge crowd of spectators and the usual array of daft questions:  "Are you going up?" and "are the canals all one-way then?" were two from our American friends!
At the top we tied up for tea and cakes in the cafe and then the car shuffling recommenced.  When Hil returned from Saltaire we started off towards Silsden through no fewer than six swing bridges, three of which carried busy roads and came equipped with automatic barriers and traffic lights, which makes you feel important.
By the time we were tied up and fed and watered it was too late to go and get the car so Hil abandoned plans to go home until the morning.

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