Saturday, 25 May 2013

No room at the dock

Today started badly with a misunderstanding as to where we were picking up Hilary. I thought Stanley Ferry, she went to Horbury. It didn't help that we were communicating by text, which perpetuated the problem whereas a simple phone call would have sorted it out easily.
Once reunited we sped along the wide deep reaches of the Aire & Calder towards Leeds.
If you are going to have a lock r"turned" on you by a short-sighted boater, make sure it's not Lemonroyd, which is 13ft 6in deep and half-a-mile long. We had to wait for ages for it to be filled then emptied before we could get in to fill it again!

On reaching Leeds we found that all of the visitor moorings at Clarence Dock were full. We were warned that the alternative, Granary Wharf, would be noisy but a helpful local boater told us which of the ling-term moored were away so we did a bit of berth-sitting for someone.


Ian and Karen said...

It's a shame there is so little visitor mooring in Clarence dock and only for 24 hr if I remember rightly!
Granary wharf you can stay for longer for a fee.

Jim said...

Yes, especially as half of the dock is unused and inaccessible behind the fixed footbridge.