Monday, 6 May 2013

The Navigation, Bugsworth Basin

Navigation Inn, Bugsworth
 The Navigation pub at Bugsworth Basin is very popular with boaters - and probably deservedly so. Many boaters give it a good write-up in their blogs.
I can see why: It's a fine, unspoilt, traditional pub with low ceilings and old-fashioned furnishings. It sells a good range of very well-kept ales both from established "family breweries" (i.e. Timothy Taylor) and from newer, smaller outfits and offers a popular menu of pub classics by way of food.

But I have just two gripes:  To get to the bar, which is not exactly the largest, you have to fight your way past a phalanx of bar stools occupied by the regulars who show not the slightest interest in helping you get served. Then - in my case at least - the "pints" I was offered fell well short of that measure and a request for a top-up was grudgingly conceded with a degree of sarcasm on the part of the barman. At least for once I came up with a suitable response straight away, rather than ten minutes later as is usual!

These were just my experiences on the night. Yours might be different - but with beer prices being what they are I'm finding I'm getting more choosy about where I spend my beer money.

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Halfie said...

It takes the edge off the enjoyment, doesn't it? I tend to find that, having had to ask for the "pint" to be made up to a pint, the second one (if served by the same person) is usually much nearer a full measure.