Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Who Left the Gates Open?

I met Hugh at Stockport station and we got the 392 bus to Bollington,arriving back at Starcross just as it started to rain.
We tried having lunch first, but it carried on raining and in the end we set off towards Marple at half-last-two. After a stop for water on the way we were at Marple top lock by six-o'-clock, which was later than I intended, but despite the rain we decided to carry on down the locks as per the original plan.

In the event it took us 2hr 40mins to get down the flight  -an average of 10 minutes per lock. It's certainly not a record but with a crew of two, incessant heavy rain and all the locks against us WITH THE BOTTOM GATES LEFT OPEN! I don't think it's too bad.
We also had a hold-up above lock 2 with a very low pound that required some water to be run down before we could get into the lock.

The thought of walking back up the flight after tea and then back down again was enough to deter us from going to the pub so we sat and demolished Starcross' remaining beer stocks for what remained of the evening.

it was good to be back on the move.

(Once again, no photos tonight due to poor internet connection)

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