Tuesday, 18 June 2013


I arrived at Barnoldswick at midday having come by bus from Lancaster - a two-and-a-half hour journey with ten minutes for a cup of tea at Preston's iconic but doomed bus station.
After doing some shopping I made my way to the boat where Ken arrived from Wolverhampton (a train and two buses) some time later.
We set off about three o'clock. At 4.20 we arrived at Foulridge  tunnel to find the lights on red. Our Nicholson's Guide told us only that entry to the tunnel was "controlled" and to obey the signs. The signs merely said to ensure the lights were green before entering, without saying how this might come about.
As suspected, it all works on a time based system and at five o'clock we got a green and headed through, closely followed by a hire boat.
We stopped for the night above Barrowford locks on a long line of  completely empty permanent moorings, where Hilary joined us before heading off to do a dusk bat survey nearby, returning at midnight.

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