Wednesday, 5 June 2013

On Middleton Fell

Much as I enjoy my time aboard Starcross,I find I like being at home just as much. We've lived in Lancaster for two years now (I can't quite believe that!), which is long enough to get to know it, but not long enough for the novelty to have worn off.
One of the reasons we chose Lancaster as our new home was its proximity to some rather more rugged countryside than the rather genteel surroundings of Hereford and yesterday we took full advantage of that.
Leaving the car at Barbon, near Kirkby Lonsdale and just over the county boundary in Westmoreland (or "Cumbria" if you must), we walked up Middleton Fell (over 600m above sea level). The views were spectacular: Morecambe Bay and Blackpool Tower to the south; the Lake District Fells to the west; north to the Howgills and this view, east, towards Whernside and Blea Moor
Wonderful view from Middleton Fell (The scenery's not bad either)

 The walk was about ten miles, but involved a lot of up and down. I've not done much hill walking recently and I must confess that by the time we got home I had sore feet and aching legs and was feeling completely done in!
Some of you might have noticed that this is the first photo on the blog for a while. There are two reasons for that: One is that I've been using the Blogger app on my smart 'phone to post recently and although I can manage to take photos with the phone, I can't work out how to get them from the phone onto the blog via the app. The second reason is that I'm using the app because I very foolishly managed to damage the screen on my lap top when I was too careless in putting it away underneath the seat of the sofa bed, which is where it lives aboard Starcross. The screen now looks as if it's got raspberry jam smeared all over it - from the inside! My local computer shop has been unable to source a replacement screen (apparently I've got an "old" model - all of two years old) but they have done something to shrink the area of the screen that's actually in use so that I can avoid the worst of the marking. Now that I have the use of the lap top again I'll back-post some of the photos that I would have put up earlier. In the meantime if anyone knows where I can get an "LP 156 WH1 (TC) (C1)" lap top screen. . .


Davidss said...

What the repairer really means is that they cannot find a screen at a price they think you are willing to pay.

Using Search Terms "LP 156 WH1 screen", without the quotes got a lot of results via Google.
Two early examples:

Jim said...

Yes, I was quoted a price for a screen source via e-bay which was more than the lap top cost in the first place.