Friday, 19 July 2013

It's The Pits!

Starcross out of the water at Uplands Basin
 Yesterday I went to see Dave at Uplands Basin about the state of my hull. In preparation for applying two-pack epoxy he had discovered some pitting that he thought might need attention before he could go any further and he wanted me to have a look.

I'm no expert when it comes to hull condition (or anything else to do with narrowboats) but Dave had helpfully marked some of what he considered to be the worst examples.

It looked obvious even to me that some work is going to be needed but on Dave's advice I've decided to have a full hull survey to find out exactly what is required. More expense, but Starcross is 23 years old now and I had wondered if I ought to be having one this time anyway. I'm surprised that my insurance company hasn't wanted one before now.

If I'm honest, looking at her yesterday, she looked every one of those 23 years (old enough to be old, not old enough to be "historic") and I'm beginning to wonder - just beginning to  - whether it's time to start looking for another boat. If I do, then a new coating of two-pack and a hull survey (plus the remedial work) should make selling Starcross easier.

It won't be for a while yet though.

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