Saturday, 27 July 2013

Those Survey Results in Full

Neil ("Herbie") commented on a previous post that Starcross' survey "bodes well for those of us with boats that aren't getting any younger" (Starcross is 23 years old). A copy of the survey report popped through my letter box this  morning so for further reassurance to anyone with an "older" boat (but not an  "historic" one) here is a summary of the results. Of course, these apply only to Starcross; other boats may be in worse - or better - condition!

Starcross is of 8/6/4 construction, those numbers, in mm., being the respective thicknesses of the baseplate, hull and cabin sides  at the time of build.  The average baseplate thickness now is 7.6mm although the forward section is 6.5mm. This is considered satisfactory.  There is pitting of the hull sides at the waterline. The average is 1.8mm and the scatter is 25%. This is "commensurate with the age of the vessel" and "does not affect the structural integrity of the hull at this time." There are however some isolated pits approaching 3.5mm in depth and it is these that I have arranged to have pool welded as recommended.

Interestingly, there is some galvanic corrosion on the port side around and due to the presence of  brass fittings (sink outlets) in the steel hull. This is apparently caused by the conjunction of the dissimilar metals and an electrolyte. The surveyor recommends these fittings be replaced by steel ones.

All welds, decks and rubbing strakes are in good order as is the rudder, propeller, fuel tank etc and the report concludes by saying "Star Cross is in a structurally sound condition at the time of this survey". (Phew!)

Note, though, that the surveyor refers to her as "Star Cross" (two words). I've always called her "Starcross" (as in the small town in Devon) and the signwriting supports this but I've heard others refer to her as "Star Cross" and I do get the occasional comment about lovers from Shakespearian types.

But as long as she's sound I don't care what she's called!


Captain Ahab said...

Good for another few years then.

Kevin said...

I just wish that I was aging as well :)

Halfie said...

Jim, did you say how long it was since the last blacking? (Sorry if I missed it.) Also, are those pits in the hull side or in the baseplate?

Halfie said...

Just reread - pits in hull side at waterline - I see now.

Jim said...

It was March 2011.