Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Coal Boats Behaving Like Buses

You know what they say about buses coming along in threes. Actually, there is a sound explanation for that phenomenon that I'll expand upon if anyone's interested, but in the meantime here is an email from our Oxford correspondent:

(c) Narrowboat Trust
You know what they say about buses bunching. Well at the weekend I was just crossing the footbridge as Nuneaton and Brighton tied together turned right from the Thames/Isis into Sheepwash Channel heading for Isis Lock before splitting for the railway swing-bridge. What a marvellous sight.

And today, moored at Osney Island were Victoria and Archimedes, tied together and looking magnificent. Two pairs of coal boats in three days!

There's more coal now by river and canal through Oxford than by rail for the first time since about 1850 when the line to Banbury opened. This is because Didcot Power Station has closed as has Daw Mill Colliery. Water transport triumphed in the end!

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Halfie said...

Jim, I'll take the bait. Please do explain about the "buses coming in threes" phenomenon.