Friday, 15 November 2013

A Decision to be Made

One or two people have asked, now that I have decided to sell Starcross, whetheri will be buying a replacement boat.

When I first decided to sell it was with every intention of doing so. I know exactly what sort of boat i'd be looking for. Similar to Starcross but a bit longer and quite a bit newer. I also know what i'd like to add: side hatch, bigger well deck, boatman's cabin, and what I could do without.

But the more I think about it the less certain I become. I haven't lost any of my interest in the canals - that pre-dates my ownership of Starcross by several decades - but a boat is a big tie, needing a lot of looking after. They also cost lots  of money, both to buy and to own and to be honest, the idea of not owning a boat for a while is becoming ever more attractive. I can't do anything about it for a while. I need to sell Starcross first and that may take a long time.
Of course I'll still be up for doing a bit of boating if anyone's looking for crew!

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