Monday, 11 November 2013

November Trip: Day 1

River Canal Rescue weren't due until 12.00  so I had plenty of time this morning to remove the boarding around the engine so that it would be easy for the engineer to work on it.  They turned up bang on time, although I was a little surprised to see them arrive in an "Emergency Response Vehicle" Range-Rover! (Those subs have been getting a bit higher lately!).

The service was straightforward with no particular issues so after he'd gone I moved Starcross out of the marina and on to the water point outside to fill the tank. Then, as I don't like being on the boat in the marina I tied up on the towpath, got the stove going again and waited for Hilary to arrive, which she did at half-past five.

By now it was dark of course so we went no further and total distance travelled on "Day One" was therefore 150 metres (25 of them in reverse!).

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