Thursday, 6 February 2014

Last Run, Day 0: Anderton to Lostock Gralam Travelodge!

Last Friday should have been "Day 1" of our last run on Starcross, from Uplands Basin down to Norbury Junction, where she was moored for six years, to be placed on brokerage at Norbury Wharf. However, the journey down the M6 was pretty awful - 50mph due to the heavy rain and wind (that was just us, no one else seemed bothered very much) and it was still wet and windy when we arrived. I'd only been to the boat once since Christmas and it was cold and clammy inside - not at all welcoming to stay inside, but it was far too unpleasant to set off.  It was made worse by the only fuel I had for the stove - some sort of smokeless stuff - brand unkown - that we'd recovered from Hil's parents' house when they moved out. It's staying power is great and the fire stays alight all night - it just doesn't throw much heat out. (It never did in their house either as I recall!)

At six, with the boat still not a particularly pleasant place to be, I suggested I'd make a start on tea to try and cheer things up. Hilary said  -"Well actually, I think I'd prefer it if we found a Travelodge or somewhere and come back in the morning.

So we did!

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