Sunday, 20 April 2014

Oh, All Right Then. . .

Writing what was to be my final post for Narrowboat Starcross made me realise just how much that boat, and the people I've met through it (some of whom I haven't actually "met" at all) have become part of my life. It was always going to be hard just to walk away. But the kind comments that final post brought, from many who said they'd actually miss these ramblings (!) have made me think that maybe I'll carry on blogging even though I no longer have a boat. After all, when I do eventually replace "Starcross" that new boat will need a blog to go with it, so I might as well carry on with this one in the meantime!

I've changed the name (but not the address, which is why you can still find it) because it wouldn't be right to carry on as "Narrowboat Starcross" when I no longer own the boat. After all, the new owners may want to start their own blog and that would be confusing. I've also taken the opportunity to give it a new look, although on past experience I'll probably tinker with that as time goes on. How I envy those who have managed to avoid the temptation to do this and have stuck with the same page design over the years.

There'll still be quite a bit about boating, as I'll still be doing some and my everlasting colour-slide scanning project keeps turning up memories from thirty or forty years ago that should prove worthy of inclusion. My pieces on buses have proved interesting to some, so more of them and whilst I'm in no way qualified to write about beer and pubs I like to think I will have something worthwhile to say there from time to time.

So, this blog will now continue for a while at least. As long as I've got something to say and, more importantly, as long as anyone's still reading it.

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