Thursday, 15 May 2014

Back on the Cut - With the Home Brew Boat

Tuesday, 13th May
When Sandra, of NB AreandAre, otherwise known as The Home Brew Boat,  posted that she wouldn't be able to spend much time on the boat for a while and that Barry would appreciate a helping hand I'm not sure what sort of response she was hoping for. What she (or rather Barry) got was me after I saw an opportunity to blag myself a few days boating, the first I've done since putting Starcross up for sale in February.
Barry: Captain and Braumeister of AreandAre
Mind you, I didn't get off to a very good start. I was meeting Barry at Kidderminster but my train from Lancaster was delayed south of Preston and then diverted via Manchester due to a problem on the line ahead with the result that we arrived an-hour-and-a-half late! But I needn't have worried, when I texted Barry to warn him I got the typical antipodean response of "No Worries!"
When I did eventually reach him we set off up the Staffs and Worcester, reaching Kinver for the evening. 
More than a crew hand, I think what Barry really wanted was a Guinea Pig for the various alcoholic concoctions he carries round on AreandAre as samples for the Home Brew business he runs from the boat. So with the wine, beer and whisky(!) all duly sampled it was off to the pub. We were heading for the Plough and Harrow and some Batham's ales, but had to call in at the Vine on the way - and then at the Crown and Anchor on the way back.  A great night, good beer, good conversation, friendly people and Barry even managed a few games of darts with the locals.

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