Tuesday, 3 June 2014

All Happening at Hawkesbury: and Boat Names.

We made an early start up the top five locks at Atherstone and then good progress as far as Nuneaton. But here we seemed to switch from "getting the boat there " mode to holiday mode when Bernard announced a stop for a look around the town. To be fair it was an interesting sort of place and I also managed to get a copy of the Nuneaton News which is either,  and I can't remember which,  the smallest circulation daily paper in the UK or Nuneaton is the smallest town in the country with a daily paper. Anyway it cost me all of 50p and I now know everything that's been going on in the town.

We were one of three boats that converged simultaneously on Hawkesbury Junction from different directions,  a situation not made easier by the steerer of the boat coming off the Oxford to do the 180 degree turn onto the Coventry misjudging it and having to have a second go whilst we and the third boat tried to keep out of his and each other's way. Then when we finally made the same turn in the opposite direction we found a fourth boat in the stop lock ahead of us,  swiftly followed by a fifth behind.

When we were at Huddlesford Junction last week our mooring ropes were almost pulled into the cut by a boat passing at high speed. That one was called "Slowly "!
Today I pulled over to allow a boat that had appeared from nowhere to overtake and it came past absolutely flat out,  putting us aground and then when the water rebounded from the opposite bank, refloating us again. This boat 's name :"It's later than you think "!!

But that was it for fun and games and we travelled on through the afternoon and into the early evening eventually tying-up at Newbold where your view of the Barley Mow would be tempered by whether you drank the pretty - decent Hook Norton. Bitter or the badly -kept Purity Mad. Goose.

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