Monday, 8 September 2014

The Day When Every* Lancaster Bomber in the World Came to Morecambe

These days the lure of sun, sea and stupendous views of the Lake District fells across the Bay isn't enough to bring visitors to Morecambe. The town does its best by putting on a variety of special events over the summer some of which are more successful than others and all of which are dependent on the weather.
But if the attraction is right and the you are lucky with the weather then the old magic can still work - at least for a day. This weekend saw Morecambe's Vintage By the Sea Festival really draw the crowds. In fact, in the three years I've lived in the area I have never seen so many people on the promenade - it looked almost as busy as it does in those old photos and films from the golden age of the British seaside.
Just Like the Good Old Days on the Prom
Centrepiece of the event was the iconic art deco Midland Hotel, dating from 1933, which hosted a display of vintage cars in its vintage car park.
Morecambe's fantastic art deco Midland Hotel
There was a fine line-up of Bond Three-Wheelers, made in nearby Preston, as well as some rather more prestigious models. And many of the owners and others had got into the spirit of the event by dressing-up in vintage gear.

There was a lot more to it than cars: Vintage clothing sales, food, music and dancing, a Routemaster bus converted into a bar (which I didn't sample!) but the biggest draw for me at least was a flypast by all the surviving Lancaster bombers in the world!  I'd seen the sole British example two years ago when my trip down the River Witham and visit to the Battle of Britain Museum at Coningsby happily co-incided with a take-off by their Lancaster (read again here), but this year it's been joined by a Canadian example and the two are touring the country in a series of fly-pasts and shows.

The Lancasters were coming in from Windermere and flew in over the fells and across the bay, then they turned and flew parallel to the prom giving the waiting crowds a thrill and drowning out the music from the PA (Bet you can't guess what was playing!) before turning again and disappearing in the direction of, where else, Lancaster!

You may wonder why I haven't posted a picture. Well, in true RAF style they came in "out of the sun" (actually I think it was the fighters that did that!) and my sole photo was far too poor to show you so here instead is a picture of some beer.
* Every airworthy one (there's another that can't fly)

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