Sunday, 12 October 2014

What Starcross Did Next

When I sold Starcross back in April I did so through Norbury Wharf's brokerage service. The sale went through unexpectedly quickly at the time and Norbury Wharf didn't offer any information on the purchaser and I was so relieved that the sale had gone through without any problems that I didn't ask.

Afterwards though, I felt sorry that I hadn't met the new owners and hadn't been able to have a sort-of handing-over ceremony. Not knowing who now owned the boat was troubling me, so I was pleased - and surprised - to receive an email recently from the buyers. Chris and Jessica are a young couple who have bought Starcross as their home.  They actually got engaged on board at Norbury Junction (the old romantics!) before moving her via Birmingham and the Grand Union down to the London area where they both work and where Chris is involved with the Thames Barge Sailing Trust. They had wanted to tell me how happy they were with Starcross and even to thank me for looking after it so well(!). Ironically, it was what I thought to be the huge amount of work that needed to be done on Starcross that was the reason I sold up, although most of the jobs required were for improvements rather than basic maintenance, which I don't feel I did neglect. Chris and Jessica have apparently made a lot of those improvements already.

It's so nice to know that Starcross is in good hands and is once again someone's home. The two owners before me both lived aboard and really I think that is what the boat needs. Chris and Jessica have mentioned the possibility of continuing to blog about Starcross, as they hope to travel widely when work permits. If they do - and if I find out about it - then I'll post a link to their blog here.

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