Monday, 22 December 2014

Christmas Quiz

A Christmas Quiz, just to prove I'm still around!

Only the one question (but it's in two parts):

Where is this bridge. . .and what is the significance of the numbers painted on it?

The photograph was taken on New Year's Day, 1976


Adam said...

I think it's the one now at the Black Country Museum, so the numbers are becuase they were about to take it down and move it. Came from Wolverhampton somewhere, I seem to remember.

KevinTOO said...

Hi Jim,
I don't know but my guesses are...
1) it was in the Black Country as stone B11 has 'wolves' graffiti on it
2) the numbering was to facilitate dismantling and reassembly

Anyway up, Happy Christmas 😉

Ian and Karen said...

And just to prove we are still here too and reading boaty blogs.......
Looks like a BCN bridge. The numbering indicates it is to be dismantled. So I guess it was perhaps moved to the Black Country Living Museum, either entrance to the canal arm or the one in the town.
No idea where it came from though.

Neil Corbett said...

Well I don't know the answers but could the numbers be there because the bridge has been, or is going to be, dismantled and rebuilt?
Kath (nb Herbie)
PS. Happy Christmas Jim

Halfie said...

(Un)fortunately your photo is labelled so I now know where it is. Before I looked at the label I was going to guess MB&B Canal. Presumably the numbers are to help in dismantling and reconstructing the bridge supports.

Jim said...

Hello All,
Well, you are all pretty close to the mark, even though only Halfie admits to reading the label (doh!).

It's Broad Street Bridge at the top of the "21" in Wolverhampton. The canal was diverted and a new, wider bridge built when Broad Street itself was widened. And yes, the bridge was rebuilt in the Black Country Museum.

Andrew Tidy said...

I met a man who met his wife under that bridge(whilst it was in Wolverhampton).