Monday, 12 January 2015

Where's This, Please?

This is one of a number of images recently sent to me by an old friend, Steve Bacon, who I haven't seen for forty years but who contacted me recently via this blog. It's one of a set from a hire boat trip we both undertook over the New Year Holiday of 1973/4. 

I did post some extracts from another participant's diary of the trip on this blog a few years ago, and rather than repeat them here are the links.    Part One   Part Two  Part Three. Well worth reading for the way they capture the essence of winter-boating-in-a-hurry and with a few disasters on the way.

Most of Steve's photos are well annotated with dates and locations, but not this one which is merely entitled "Steve swabbing the decks" (On reflection, it can't be one of Steve's own photos - presumably one of his wife Heather's?)

It was taken on 5 January 1974. Bittern had been at Polesworth the previous night and was (over)due back in Rugby the next day. I suspect it's somewhere on the Atherstone flight therefore, but if anyone can identify the exact location (or correct me altogether) I'd be grateful.

Oh! and a bonus point for identifying the object on the lockside below the balance beam. (Starcross' version of a Winter Wassat?)!


Sue said...

I'm sure many will come back on where that lock is Jim.. I am not very good at places.

I thought I would have a go at the bonus point though and blew the pic up a bit..

Had to giggle, I don't know what it is but I had this vision of a dogs head in there somewhere so I will say a dog in a rucksack!!

Can't wait to find out what it is now!

Jim said...

Good grief, Sue. I know we were degenerate students but I don't think we went that far!

Sue said...

I'll tell you what Jim, blow that bit of picture up a bit and you will see what I mean it defo looks like a dogs face!

Sarah said...

No, it's the lower half of an Edwardian lady - I can definitely see her skirt, petticoats and a pair of boots.

I am terrible at remembering locations but I am pretty sure this is where the man in the lock cottage swore at me for swearing within theoretical earshot of his kids, and I think that might, just might, be Atherstone bottom lock. But I have probably remembered wrong.

Chris Wren said...

Dog? Edwardian Lady? Nah it's either a set of bagpipes or part of a motorbike (front forks/swinging arm?)in a bag.

Jim said...

Well I've blown it up and had another look, but I can't do better than a dog wearing Edwardian dress carrying a set of bagpipes.

As far as the location goes, I've now noticed that Bittern is taking on water via a hose pipe, presumably from a water point, if that's any help.

Perhaps the bonus point should go to the "most inventive" suggestion!

Crusty said...

A hastily removed cratch cover?