Sunday, 8 February 2015

Friends Reunited on the "21"

Saturday, 31st January
There had been a light dusting of snow overnight and we were away at 8.15. After some confusion over the whereabouts of the "T-keys" (or "Water Conservation Keys as BW used to coyly call them) that are needed to operate the Wolverhampton locks we arrived at the bottom of the flight an hour later fully equipped for the passage.

With a crew of three who knew what they were doing we made swift progress up the flight, despite having to take care in the conditions. We were soon joined by Mark, who used to crew for me on Starcross, but also knew Steve from our Salford University days. Now with four of us we flew up the remainder of the flight until catching the boat in front of us at the lock below the top.
Friends Reunited at the Top Lock: Steve, Jim and Mark (on boat)
To celebrate our reunion there was nothing for it but to repair again to the Great Western for some excellent Holden's Mild and a Cheese Cob!

On resuming our journey - not very much later we turned on to the Wyrley & Essington Canal where we were soon confronted by this sad sight.
Someone's pride and joy no dount, but a sad sight now.
Shortly afterwards we saw this much happier scene as working-boat "Barnet" came by, the only moving boat we saw all day.
The BCN Society's "Barnet" on the Curley Wyrley
Destination for the day was Walsall Top Lock, where we tied-up with some difficulty due to the lack of things to tie-up to and a fierce crosswind, before walking down into Walsall in search of food and drink.

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