Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Where has Everybody Gone?

An excursion today down to Lancaster Basin to do some mooring-checking for the CRT found that all of the remaining four long-term over-stayers on the 2 and 7-Day moorings have gone!

That even includes the boat that, over the summer, has had a complete cabin repaint and engine overhaul on the 2-Day moorings - and which annoyed me throughout by flying a hated Confederate flag!

I don't suppose they'll be gone for long. Some, at least, will be playing lip-service to the rules and will no doubt be back soon and one hasn't gone very far at all - just over the cut to the off-side, where it has already overstayed the 14-day period allowed, although as that is not a visitor mooring it's not my responsibility any more.

Still, I feel a quiet satisfaction. . . .


A Heron's View said...

Do You get paid by CRT for snooping ?

Jim said...

No. I do it for fun😅😅