Monday, 21 September 2015

Which Station has the Most Regular Train Service in the UK?

It used to be Fishguard Harbour, with two trains each day exactly 12 hours apart at 01.50 and 13.50 but the Welsh Government spoiled that by paying for extra trains!

Is it now Chathill, Northumberland?, which has two trains a day to Newcastle at 0708 and 1910 (although the Saturday service is slightly different).

Note that although the two trains leave Chathill just 2 minutes adrift of 12 hours apart and observe the same stops as far as Cramlington, the evening train is quicker than the morning one sp the service at other stations isn't as "regular".

Despite what you might think, it's not the terminus of some obscure branch line but sits on the London to Edinburgh East Coast Main Line!

Still it's a lovely littl;e station and deserves a better service.

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Halfie said...

More flowers than Wymondham Station used to have!