Tuesday, 15 December 2015

CRT Says Thank You

One of the drawbacks in being a moorings warden for the CRT is that it can be a rather solitary occupation. Observations collected are submitted on-line and any communication with the moorings enforcement team tends to be by email. There is little face-to-face contact and no opportunity to meet other volunteers.

So I was happy to receive a phone call from the supervisor at Galgate Depot the other day asking if I'd be free to call in one day this week for a get-together and a "thank you" from the Trust. I wasn't sure what to expect - some turkey sandwiches and a mince pie in the mess room perhaps, washed down with a glass of Vimto?

But no. A follow-up call suggested I might like to present myself at the Plough Inn at Galgate at 12.00 noon for a meal and a drink.
The Plough, Galgate. Facing the A6 backing on to the Lancaster Canal and with good views of the West Coast Main Line.
Unfortunately the Trust's hospitality budget doesn't stretch to a full Christmas Lunch - in fact, the Trust's hospitality budget doesn't really stretch to "a meal and a drink" - but we were told not to worry and "it will be sorted out".  I do hope that Roy didn't pay for it out of his own pocket, although we did all try and keep as near to the limit as possible.

Although I regard my work for the Trust as being as much for my benefit as theirs (getting out-and-about, exercise, keeping in touch with the Cut) it was good to have it recognised and to be told how useful our work is to the enforcement team.

The Trust should, however, be careful of giving volunteers too many opportunities to mingle. Once the staff had returned to work, the four volunteers present compared notes and it was very interesting to note the discrepancies in the way we have been dealt with, particularly with regard to uniform provision (ranging from none in my case to the full kit including safety boots and waterproofs for others); ID cards (some have them, others don't) and Health & Safety Training.

I shall certainly have a few questions to ask the enforcement team after Christmas, but until now I'm just saying "Thank You" and a Merry Christmas to the CRT staff on the Lancaster Canal

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