Wednesday, 20 July 2016

First Breakdown

The broken-down X13 in Eastbourne, with the driver in the road flagging down
 a  following bus to transfer all the passengers (including a wheelchair-user).
After 2500km of bus travel involving 125 separate buses on my "Around the edge of England" bus trip I have suffered my first breakdown!  The "Brighton & Hove" double-decker working the hilly 13X service from Brighton to Eastbourne (via Beachy Head) gently expired, after all the hard work had been done, on the hill down into Eastbourne. (Read about it here)

It was, however, a reminder of how reliable the buses are and that the vast mahority of those 125 buses have performed faultlessly, turning up on time (or at worst a few minutes late) and getting me to where they said they would, by the time they promised. And all of them have been safely driven (except perhaps the one which collided with a building in Selsey, although even there the only casualty was the driver's pride!).

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