Sunday, 11 September 2016

Remembering the Ribble

Our local bus services here in Lancaster are mainly provided by Stagecoach. This year the company has imvested in a fleet of new double-deckers for its flagship "555" service that runs from Lancaster through the heart of the Lake District to Keswick.

Boarding one of these buses, fitted with luxurious leather seats, decorative vinyls depicting Lake District scenes and offering free wifi and phone/laptop chargers, the elderly lady in front of me took a look around and exclaimed:  "Eee, things are looking up on't Ribble*"

* Ribble Motor Services, formed 1919 and operated bus services throughout the north-west of England. Sold to Stagecoach 1989.  Gone, but obviously not forgotten!
A new Stagecoach bus

A Ribble bus.


Steve B said...

I liked the look of the monster double-deck Ribble motorway coaches, called 'Ribble Standerwick' for some reason.

Jim said...

You mean the "Gay Hostesses". . . . ! Don't think they'd call them that nowadays.

Mark Doran said...

I believe there's club in Soho where you can still ride a Gay Hostess....