Tuesday, 1 November 2016

A plan for everything - except what went wrong!

I had a few contingency plans up my sleeve for day one of the most recent phase of my Around the edge of England bus trip.  I thought I'd planned for everything that might go wrong - but I didn't.

To read about some of the problems public transport users can face (at least those making eccentric journeys to while away their old age) and how they overcome them, follow this link.

Just to add insult to injury, Greater Anglia trains have turned down my request for a "Delay repay" refund on the grounds that the 1400hrs London, Liverpool Street to Norwich Greater Anglia train (which caused the problem)"isn't one of ours".

I won't let them get away with that, although I was expecting difficulties of a different sort in making a claim as I had "split ticketed" the journey and bought the Lancaster to London ticket from Virgin Trains (because their website lets you choose a seat and so avoid getting stuck behind a blank wall on the Pendolino) and the London to Harwich ticket from Arriva Trains Wales, because they post the ticket out to you for nothing and they are publicly-owned (by the German public that is!)

UPDATE:  After following Greater Anglia's "Appeal" system, they have agreed to refund the whole cost of my ticket(s) from Lancaster to Harwich.   And so they should!

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