Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Loughborough and back

I'm spending a couple of days with friends Kris and Bernard in Leicester on my way to Skegness for another short stage in my Around the Edge of England bus trip.
Kris and Bernard own "Sunshine ", a 30ft Mindon boat with a Lister SR2 built in 1976.
There was some doubt as to whether Sunshine would be available for an outing toady as it was due for blacking at the marina. This should have been completed but of course there were three posible scenarios:
1. It would be completed and ready to go.
2. It would be out of the water having the blacking done.
3. It would still be waiting.
Boaters will know that "canal time" applied and that the work had not been started, but at least that meant we could enjoy a trip from Pilings Lock up to Loughborough and back.
Despite the fine weather we saw only one other moving boat.  This caught us up just before Loughborough,  moored alongside us in the basin and set off in front of us just as we were getting ready to leave for the trip home.
Blacking is now promised for next Monday.

Heading for Loughborough out of Pilling's Lock

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