Monday, 19 August 2019

How Did That Get There?

A friend of mine who recently visited the Czech Republic sent me this photo, taken in the town of Parudbice. The town sits on the River Elbe, although the river in the shot appears to be a tributary, the "Chrudimka".
Narrowboat on the River Chrudimka, Parudbice
He was puzzled, as am I, by what appears to be an English narrowboat tied up next to the factory landing stage!  I know many English boaters have taken to the Dutch, French and Belgian waterways and quite a few blog about their experiences, but if this boat has a blog I'd certainly like to read it!

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Narrowboattacet.blogspot said...

Hi Jim, the Northwich boat company has a factory in the Czech Republic, that might explain it. Hope you are keeping well, good to see you're still 'travelling'.