Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Overnight Train Delayed!

Saturday's post saw us at Leipzig, about to board the overnight express to Poland, which I planned to write about yesterday.  It was going to be a struggle in places, because after 35 years none of us can really remember the details of where we went, and in a few cases why on earth we went there!

Unlike the previous year's trip, nobody kept a diary so recreating the exact trip was going to be tricky, but Bob has now found some notes he made of the journeys we made by public transport as well as some of the tickets issued to him.  This information will help to make my account of the rest of the trip more comprehensive and, I hope, more interesting so I've decided to delay it until Bob's material arrives.

In the meantime here are a few more pictures from the early part of the trip through the German Democratic Republic.

The Town Hall in Wernigerode
Window shopping in Wernigerode. Food, Wine and 40 years of freedom from Fascism!
Bob's picture of the Schloẞ at Moritzburg...and our (t)rusty Lada hire car.
Leipzig Hauptbahnhof

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