Sunday, 8 March 2009


I manage to visit "Starcross" at least once in every calendar month of the year and when you don't live aboard - but only visit - the passing of the seasons is very apparent. Having just returned from my first visit in March I realise what an under-rated month it is!

In March:
Its no longer dark at five o' clock.
Its not absolutely critical that you manage to keep the boat stove burning all night.
There are flowers blooming and birds singing - soon there will be ducklings.
Even if the wind is cold or it snows, you know that it won't last.

But most of all, there is the feeling of optimism in the air. Winter is behind us and Spring is almost here. Every month has its good points on the cut, but until this year's long, cold winter I don't think I realised quite how special March is. (But roll on April and May!)

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Captain Ahab said...

I second that emotion Mr D!