Monday, 26 April 2010

Four Hire Boats and a Pub

Driving home along the A465 "Heads of the Valleys" road from south Wales yesterday I took the short diversion into the village of Gilwern; stopped the car, stuck my head over the parapet of Gilwern Bridge and saw this scene
Four hire boats from the Road House Narrowboats fleet outside the Bridgend Inn. There was no sign of the crews so, as the "Navigation" on the opposite bank is currently closed and boarded, they were presumably inside the Bridgend Inn.  A wise choice, as when I made this journey the previous weekend I discovered that it sells a cracking pint of Felinfoel Brewery's "Double Dragon" ale!
As an isolated waterway, cut off from the national system, I doubt that Starcross will ever visit the "Mon & Brec" (as the "Monmouthshire" and "Brecknock & Abergavenny" canals are collectively known these days), but on the basis of this scene alone I might be tempted to hire a boat for a few days myself.

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