Friday, 28 January 2011

Gone Boatin'

Next week I'm off on a trip from Norbury down to Autherley Junction and then, as the mood takes me, either north or south along the Staffs & Worcester Canal. I was planning to post as I went along, having acquired a laptop and 3G dongle for the purpose, but when we moved house last week the Post Office** told us it would take 10 days to restore the phone connection. What they didn't tell us is that it would then take a further ten days to move the broadband! As Hilary needs the internet to work from home I'll have to leave her the dongle, so you won't hear much from me for a while. (There goes my chart position then.)
If anything interesting happens during the trip (or even if it doesn't) I let you know when I get back. In the meantime here is a photo of a GPO phone box!
An old-style Post Office telephone box: appropriately, it no longer contains a phone!

**Younger readers may not be aware that at one time all telephone connections were provided by the General Post Office (GPO). When they re-entered the market some time after privatisation I couldn't resist transferring back. Serves me right!


Anonymous said...

Hi Folks you passed us moored at Otherton Boat Haven at 16.42 on Tuesday the first of February hope you have a good cruise. Regards Bob and Barbara on Nb chicheemaun.

Starcross said...

Bob and Barbara, Didn't see you but I remember your boat and was wondering about it's unusual name! Jim