Sunday, 6 February 2011

Same old problem

During the last two winters we have suffered frost damage on Starcross, despite taking the usual precautions of draining the water system and lagging exposed pipes. This winter has, of course, has seen temperatures far lower for far longer, but I thought I had been particular thorough preparing for the frost. Not so! Over the years, much of Starcross' copper piping has been replaced by plastic sections, joined to the system by HEP2O connectors. These work well, but are themselves susceptible to frost damage and, true enough, one had cracked leading to a flood of water from under the bath when the tank was refilled. The problem was easily solved as Norbury Wharf stock the connectors and they are easy to fit. We were just congratulating ourselves on our plumbing skills when we discovered two further leaks, both from the remaining copper pipes; one under the sink and the other leading from the water pump to the rest of the system, both places being difficult to get working access to and requiring appropriate tools and skills,  neither of which we posses. Norbury Wharf can do the work, but not this week, so we will have to do without running hot and cold for our trip to the Staffs & Worcs. Its no big deal - working boaters used to bring up families and live full time with water stored in cans on the roof so I sure we can mange a week with a jerry can in the bathroom!
By the time we'd sorted all this out it was already late afternoon and just time to get down to Gnosall before dark.

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WhatKathyDid said...

Well done for sorting it out. I've got a leak too, so far not sure where from...