Tuesday, 25 January 2011

I don't know which way to turn.

Next week's trip will have to set off southwards from Norbury due to the closure of the canal at Woodseaves Cutting, but where to go from Autherley? I have six days, and although I don't fancy doing the Wolverhampton "21" single-handed twice in that time I still have a choice of routes along the Staffs & Worcester: either north to Great Haywood or south to Stourport as all the stoppages on this canal seem programmed to be completed by this weekend.
Nick's Canal Route Planner gives 36 miles and 14 locks to Great Haywood and suggests 17 hours cruising, where as Stourport is further at 41 miles and 33 locks in 46 hours. The northern route requires six comfortable days of less than six hours a day and whereas Stourport would be pushing it a bit at over 7 hours a day at a time of year with only about nine hours of daylight I would always have the option of turning short at Kidderminster or  before. (All distances, locks and time have to be doubled for the return trip).
I've done both routes before and am struggling to choose which to take, but I suspect the attractions of one of my favourite sections of canal, the Penk Valley between Stafford and Great Haywood, will win out in the end.
Great Haywood: Next week's destination?

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Nev Wells said...

Nope... please do the Stourport route as I have not done that yet and would like photos and moorings for when I do - maybe later this year?

Sorted then...

Nev ;-)